Are you looking for:

  • Myofascial release?
  • Neuromuscular relief?
  • Ache & pain-free mobility?
  • Relaxation and rejuvenation?
  • Increased movement of joints?
  • Holistic approach to stress relief?
  • Anxiety, depression, or fatigue relief?
  • Increased athletic performance, or better sleep?

You have come to the right wellness center.

Services: Deep Tissue, Swedish, Trigger Point, Restorative Sports (Pre & Post Event), Medical & Rehabilitation

Receive customized therapeutic massage & bodywork sessions to relieve your - stress, anxiety, depression, tension, neck and back pain (Knots, Scoliosis or Herniated Disc), immobility due to injury or arthritis (Rotator Cuff, Hip, or Knee), and enhanced sportsmanship.

Cary Parkway Massage Therapy offers you a higher level of expertise in massage for therapeutic, medical, and orthopedic situation while facilitating your innate well-being, balance, and connection. Triangle's recognized specialist in Asian & European massage therapy - a complementary and alternative health care option for maintaining and restoring wellness.

Shashi Lodhia is a Nationally Board Certified and Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist - LMBT11844. He is experienced well over a decade and highly trained to relieve your soft tissues due to medical or orthopedic condition - mild or excruciating, episodic or continuous, merely inconvenient or totally incapacitating pain. At each session, Shashi will assess your situation, recommend a treatment plan, and implement a combination of highly effective cutting edge massage modalities including Neuromuscular Trigger Point Therapy (NMT) and Myofascial Release to relieve stress and soft tissue chronic pain.

Medical and Orthopedic Massage Therapy is applicable to people of all ages and is a natural approach for relieving soft tissue pain while enhancing wellness!.

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"Your mind, emotions and body are instruments and the way you align and tune them determines how well you play life" ~ Yogi Bhajan.


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